Will resizing my ring damage it?

Many of our clients come back to us asking to either increase or decrease the size of their ring. Weight loss and weight gain are often the determining factors behind resizing a ring. Most women at some point will need to resize their rings as their ring size changes after having children. Sometimes clients want to change the finger that they are wearing their ring on and thus the ring size may need to be slightly altered. The question that many people wonder about is how does resizing work? And most importantly, will resizing their jewelry compromise their ring in any way? It is essential to note that while platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold can be resized, not all metals can be. For instance, some men purchase Tungsten rings for their wedding bands but the disadvantage to this metal is that it is not resizable. Thus, couples end up spending a couple hundred dollars on replacing the Tungsten ring versus a smaller charge to resize it. Decreasing the size of a ring to make it fit tighter is a simple process, whereby a goldsmith cuts the band from the bottom as usually there are no diamonds there and joins the metal back together when he/she is finished. The metal is brought together through the process of soldering after the ring is returned back to its circular shape. The ring will be cleaned, inspected, and polished to ensure that there is no scratching or marks of any kind indicating that the ring was resized. The process of increasing a ring size depends on how much looser the ring needs to be made. If the ring only needs to be sized up by a small amount, the metal may just need to be stretched to achieve the ideal size. If the ring needs to be sized significantly, the goldsmith will cut the band from the bottom and add the same metal that was used on the rest of the setting. Once the desired size is attained, the goldsmith will solder the metal together and do a full inspection and cleaning of the ring. Here at Diamond Deals, we only work with the highest quality goldsmiths to ensure that all jewelry is handled with the utmost care and attention. Regardless of whether your ring needs to be sized up or down, you can rely on us to return it in impeccable condition.