Wholesalers in Canada

A term frequently asked by most customers is “Diamond wholesalers in Canada.” You might be searching for lower prices, or you want to start your own business selling diamonds.

In the diamond market, however, things are quite different; the term wholesale refers to the price, but not the sale of diamonds in massive quantities. Let’s first look at the distinction between standard wholesale and traditional retail.

How Wholesale Happens In the Real World

In most cases, it’s the purchase of items in bulk for resale purposes, and it’s tax-free. Therefore if you are single user buying one item, the definition won’t apply to you. In short, if you are buying one diamond you’re still buying for retail. But there another meaning you should know about before we proceed.

Retail Selling

In retailing, the items not sold in bulk, and you must pay tax. Items sold for retail have expensive price tags, but you get more features that will personalize your shopping such as; 10-day returns, you get free packaging and insured delivery. Also, you get customization and professional help during the shopping experience. It makes the final price higher, but in return, you are getting added services.
Diamond Wholesale Prices in Canada

We are not traditional wholesalers in the real since most of our sales are to individual people. Most of the people who buy from us are looking for engagement rings, wedding bands or fine jewelry.

However, we still provide wholesale prices to the public. If you buy one diamond or four diamonds, the prices are discounted to fit what retailers get when they buy diamonds from a diamond cutter for retail sale.

Difference between Online Vendors and Traditional Vendors

By offering this diamonds at such affordable prices exclusive to retailers we are wholesalers in Canada. Since we sell our diamonds online, we have lower markup costs than traditional sellers with store fronts.

The traditional vendor (not online) has to pay for utility bills, hire additional staff, administration costs and rent charges. They also have to maintain a huge inventory which equals added costs. Therefore they are forced to sell their diamonds are at exorbitant fees to recover the expenses.

We have less overhead costs than traditional sellers in Canada, and this enables us to offer services of wholesalers in Canada. You still get the same quality, professional service, and free returns on your all purchases.

Types of Cuts Available at Wholesale Prices

Our selection of wholesale diamond jewelry has Round cut, Princess cut, and Cushion cut diamonds. The items have GIA certification which is unbiased, and this provides tremendous value to the customer. You still get all the shapes such as Round, Pear, Asscher, and Emerald among other shapes. You can also select the different color grades and clarity ranges.

Finally, we have trained gemologists, to guide you through the buying process. For the best prices, we are the best online wholesalers in Canada.