What’s the difference between jewelry cleaning and jewelry polishing?

There is often confusion about the difference between a general jewelry cleaning and a jewelry polishing. Although both are related to maintaining your ring, clients assume that they are the same thing but there is a notable difference. Polishing your ring is a more thorough and expensive procedure, which results in your ring looking brand new. When your ring is sent for polishing, a goldsmith uses a polishing wheel that consists of different kinds of polishing to buff out the ring. The polishing wheel is a fantastic tool used to remove scratches on jewelry, which is why rings return looking shiny and brand new. However, we do not recommend polishing rings more than 1-2 times a year because the polishing wheel removes a tiny bit of gold dust from the surface of the ring each time and could get costly.
A jewelry cleaning is intended to clean the ring of any dirt or grease from lotions or natural skin oils and is part of our warrantee. Diamonds are natural grease attractors which is why it is crucial to care and clean them regularly at home and to schedule cleanings with professionals. During a professional cleaning, the ring is put into a powerful ultrasonic cleaner that shakes the unnecessary substances off of the ring through vibrations as to not scratch the gold or platinum. The goldsmith will then take out the ring and use a loupe to inspect the claws in order to ensure that the diamonds are still being held securely. Cleaning should be done every 6 months as there is no disadvantage to removing unwanted dirt or grease. Do not hesitate to come into a Diamond Deals location for a cleaning or polishing as we understand the importance and encourage maintaining your fine jewelry.