The Values in Choosing the Sustainable Diamonds

We always have to think that we are getting our money’s worth when we are purchasing goods or acquiring services. We need to remember that the purchases that the consumers make have a direct impact on our planet and may define our future. Regardless if we prefer the locally produced goods, hybrid cards or sustainable diamonds, the purchases that we make is a reflection of the things that we value. The recent innovation in the field of gemology has made it possible to manufacture a diamond that is sustainable. This helps eradicate the negative environmental and social impact associated with the traditional mining of the diamonds.

The Positive Environmental Effect of Sustainable Diamonds

The traditional mining of diamonds has severe impact on our environment. It destroys the natural landscape of the earth. It leads to ecological damages that are irreversible. Additionally, it will burn tons of fuels annually. Perhaps the most common type of mining would be pit mining. In this process, the diamonds are extracted directly from the area by using trucks, heavy machinery, and hydraulic shovels. This will use a considerable amount of energy. That amount of energy plus the environmental degradation will be eliminated through sustainable diamonds.

The so called ‘eco-friendly’ mines can still damage our environment since diamonds are not renewable resources. For instance, you might probably hear about the Ekati Mines located in Canada which is often regarded as the most environment friendly mines in the planet. Unfortunately, to successfully extract the minerals and diamonds, it has to produce carbon equivalent to car miles of at least 600,000,000. Manufacturing sustainable diamonds does not use that same amount of energy.

Not long ago, the industry has managed to establish a certification system known as Kimberly Process. This system is intended to prevent the blood diamonds from penetrating the Western market. Unfortunately, the process does not guarantee the welfare of the workers and does not uphold their rights against working on an unsafe condition thus many of these conflict-free mines are unethical. In addition, the Kimberly Process makes it difficult to track the origination of the diamond. Hiding the true origin of these blood diamonds and bribing the officials will allow the traders to pass it as an authentic and certified diamond. This is, however, not the case when you choose sustainable diamonds.

With sustainable diamonds, you are purchasing a diamond that has zero carbon footprints. You can also guarantee that it does not have a negative impact on our environment. Most of these diamonds are cultivated using solar energy that powers the company’s reactor. These diamonds are renewable and sustainable. They are also appropriately marked which allows the owner to easily track its place of origination.

Regardless if you are buying a present for that special someone or you just want to reward yourself for a great job, you need to make sure that you are creating a responsible choice. Choosing sustainable diamonds will ensure that you are not contributing to the degradation of the environment.