Trying to find the right diamond ring? Here’s all you need to know!

I often wonder, ‘what makes a diamond ring so special?’ No doubt the emotions behind the ring are priceless but when a ring is presented, one thoroughly admires its brilliance and delicacy.

So, that brings us to the question, ‘what makes a diamond so beautiful?’  To understand this we must make ourselves familiar with the 4-C’s of the diamond industry.

These are:





Let’s begin with the first factor, ‘Carat’

Carat is the standard unit of mass used for measuring diamonds and other gemstones as well as pearls. The amount of carats makes a big difference in weight, size, cost, and rarity of the diamond. Remember: number of carats does not necessarily mean a bigger diamond!

Next up is ‘Clarity’

Clarity is the factor that mainly focuses on the visual appearance and quality of a diamond. Basically, it’s what meets the eye….except for the fact that it’s under ten times magnification. The level or grade of the clarity of a diamond lowers when there is a presence of foreign material or imperfections in the diamond. In professional terms these are called ‘inclusions’. Inclusions are materials – be it solid, liquid, or gas – that were trapped in the initial stages of the formation of the diamond. The low clarity of a diamond affects its ability to scatter light. Remember:  higher the clarity, higher the flawlessness and value of the diamond!

Moving ahead we have, ‘Color’

As they say, “Color makes everything a bit happier”. Well, when it comes to diamonds, there’s a wide array of colours you can choose from, ranging from steel gray, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink, purple, brown, and black. The coloration in diamonds is mainly due to impurities which is why diamonds that are considered pure are completely transparent and colourless. White diamonds have lower values because of the prominence of yellow hue while on the other hand, red diamonds are rather prized for their rarity. Of course, white diamonds will always be a classic but remember there’s still a variety of a colour to choose from!

Lastly, ‘Cut’

The cut of a diamond mainly refers to the style with which a diamond is shaped. It’s easy to confuse the cut of the diamond as the shape of a diamond but in actuality, the cut of a diamond leans more towards symmetry and equilibrium. The cut of a diamond makes a major difference in the luminescence of the diamond. The most popular cut is ’round brilliant’. Remember: the choice of cut heavily depends on the original shape of the mineral, inclusions, and carat-weight!

Each of these factors affects the appearance and value of a diamond in their own way. Just keep the 4 C’s in mind and you’ll be able to find just the right diamond!