Tips to Follow When Buying Her Engagement Ring

Now that you have been dating for a while, probably you have made up your mind that she is the one. Congratulations, you found your soul mate. It is time to propose to her now, and I know how it feels. You don’t know if it will be a yes or a –“let me think about it”. Proposing is usually nerve-racking sometimes especially when you really don’t know what to expect and how to go about it. An engagement ring will obviously melt her heart, and things will work out so don’t worry. What should be worrying you is the kind of engagement ring to buy and how to go about it. Here is a guide for you with some basic do`s and don’ts.

Be Attentive Anytime You Hear Her Discussing Jewellery

After you have decided to propose to your girlfriend, it is very difficult to know the type of engagement ring she will like. You are investing in some expensive metal, and you don’t want to get it wrong. Every time you are with your girlfriend, and you hear her mention jewellery, it is good that you capture her opinion and learn her taste and preference when it comes to jewellery. You will hear her say the color she likes and some of the shapes she likes most. These are hints only that she doesn’t want to tell you directly. She might be discussing with her friends in your presence most of the time, but she will not communicate to you directly. You will need those tips when shopping for an engagement ring.

You Can Approach Her Best Friend for Ideas

Am sure her girlfriends know the type of jewellery she likes. You can approach one of them to assist you in this. If her college mate is her close friend, she can be the best person to consult. They have grown together, and she must be aware of the type of engagement ring that she loves. Ladies will always discuss engagement rings especially when they see an advertisement. Secondly, they discuss among themselves. Probably someone within their social circle had an engagement party last evening, and you will hear them discussing the type of engagement ring she got from her boyfriend. Therefore approaching her friends can really help.

Set Aside a Budget

Once you have insights on what she might like, it is time to set aside some budget for it. If you were prepared fine, otherwise if the budget is not enough at the moment, you will have to plan for the financing. Avoid embarrassing moments where you go to a shop, and the balance on your card is insufficient. Probably your loan repayment was due, and they deducted the balance that was on your card. So planning ahead will always help. Don’t make impromptu purchases.

Surprise Her

Make sure she doesn’t expect you to propose at that time. Organizing with your friends for a night out and may use the opportunity to propose to her in the presence of her friends. Either way, get creative when proposing to your girl friend.


Your girlfriend should be excited over the engagement ring that you’ve chosen. It is important that you diligently find out what would make her happy by following above tips. Secondly, don’t overstrain your budget; you have another day to live.