Selecting The Right Jeweler

Purchasing fine jewelry especially your engagement ring is an important decision. Precious gems and diamonds come with their own language. It is important that you select a jeweler that is willing to teach you about your diamond.  A crucial step in finding the prefect engagement ring is to find a jeweler you trust. Ask yourself a few questions about your jeweler before you dive into purchasing your diamond engagement ring.

Does the jeweler listen to you?

Respected jewelers should focus on the bride – her style, her needs and her desires. They should show you an array of different rings; in addition to help you narrow your choices. It is important they listen to you versus pushing their own agenda.

At Diamond Deals, we focus on what is important to the couple purchasing the engagement ring.  We keep many things in mind such as budget, style and the bride’s wants and needs. We set aside an hour for clients and walk them through the complete process of custom designing an engagement ring and picking a diamond. Our goal is to make our clients feel comfortable with purchasing an engagement ring not over whelmed.

Is the jeweler established and credentialed? 

Look at how long the jeweler’s been in business and research the company’s reputation.  An established jeweler will have great references.

At Diamond Deals, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. We have been in business for 14 years and have expanded to three locations. We have been very popular through word of mouth (best reference) and through our outpouring positive Google reviews from happy customers!

Does the store officer a wide selection? 

You will want to be sure you have plenty of engagement ring styles to choose from along with guidance.

At Diamond Deals, we have a wide variety of engagement ring settings that you can try on; in addition to being bale to custom make anything you may have found online! Not to mention, our professionals love to guide you through creating your prefect ring.

Is the jeweler knowledgeable?

When working with a reputable jewler, everyone should be able to answer your questions with confidence.

At Diamond Deals, we specialize in selling loose diamonds and fine jewelry, ensuring there are trained employees answer all your questions.

How does the jeweler handle diamond certification and appraisal?

Each engagement ring should have a diamond certificate from a respected independent gem lab, such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA) accompanied with a completed appraisal of the engagement ring.

At Diamond Deals, each and ever engagement ring is comes with a GIA diamond certificate as well as an appraisal from a third party for the engagement ring.

It is always important to research your jewelers and these are some tips that will help your pick the correct jeweler for you.