Our Wedding Band Guide

Engagement ring shopping is thrilling! Now, it is time to shop for the wedding bands. Where to even begin?

There are various types of wedding bands that you can purchase.

Classic plain band, this is a great option if you are looking for something simple and comfortable. A plain wedding band will not have any diamonds around it. You can pair the band with almost any diamond engagement ring. For example, you can pair then plain wedding band with a classic engagement ring also known as a solitaire. Sometimes our brides like to match their plain wedding band with an antique engagement ring or vintage engagement ring.

If you are looking for something a little more on the fancy side, you need a band with diamonds.

Diamond eternity band, this band has diamonds fully go around the ring (for eternity). It is a beautiful and elegant look. To save some money, you can opt for a half eternity diamond band, which has diamonds that go half way around the ring.

There are many variations of the diamond wedding band. You can play around with the shape of the diamonds, the type of gemstones that are set in the band, and how many diamonds are set in the band. There are many settings such as:  shared prong set, micro pave set, pave set, channel set etc. Be sure to ask your jeweller about the various settings!

Does your engagement ring have an unusual shape, which will not allow the band to sit flush?

This is not a problem! We can customize your wedding band to sit flush with each and every groove in your engagement ring, which is the beauty of custom made rings. However, some people do not like a band that is curved therefore, in this case, we can make a straight band and you can wear with or without your engagement ring. Another style, which is popular, is to wear your wedding band on the right hand and your engagement ring on the left hand.

You can pair a diamond wedding band with an antique engagement ring, vintage engagement ring, modern engagement ring, classic engagement ring etc. The options are endless!!

There are many diverse options when custom making your wedding and. It is important you do your research just like you did for your engagement ring. Picking wedding bands can be simple but also very difficult.

Pick a band you will fall in love with because this is a forever type of thing. We are here to help your make the right decision for your wedding band. Now, let the wedding band shopping begin!