Most popular engagement ring settings

When you are choosing your engagement ring, many questions arise. One of them is, what is the most popular engagement ring setting? At Diamond Deals, we have designed numerous engagement rings however; there are three particular settings that are our best sellers.

  1. Halo Diamond Setting – This setting continues to be one of most sought out styles. A halo setting features a center diamond completely encircled by smaller accent diamonds. The shape of the halo will be adjusted to the shape of the center stone. For example, a round brilliant diamond can be surrounded by a round or cushion halo. The benefit of the halo setting is that, it makes your center stone appear bigger. Some brides will custom make an engagement ring with a double halo. The bigger the better!
  2. Solitaire Diamond Setting – With a solitaire engagement ring, the diamond steals the show. The single diamond will showcase itself on a plain band. The diamond can be set in four prongs or six prongs. The benefit of a solitaire setting, you invest more money into your precious diamond than the ring itself. This setting will always have a classic and timeless look.
  3. Pavé Setting – A pavé setting stems from the solitaire setting. The diamond will be the eye catcher. The centre stone will sit on top of a band that is made up of many small diamonds, which are set closely together. This setting is ideal if you want the centre stone to be the focal point but, you want add some character and shine to the band.

Sometimes, it is nice to know which setting is trending. Nonetheless, an engagement ring is personal choice. Our brides choose their setting according to their style, personality and simply what looks stunning on their finger. We suggest you try on various settings; you never know what you will fall in.