Is Rose Gold Just a Trend?

The three most popular metals to set engagement rings in are white gold, platinum, and yellow gold. However, rose gold is making an exceptional comeback. Rose gold is a combination of yellow gold alloyed with copper, thus the ratio of the two metals determines the colour of rose gold. The colour can range from a soft pink tone to a shade of red. This unique and radiant metal was introduced during the 19th century in Russia, which is why it was initially referred to as “Russian Gold”. Cartier’s Trinity ring, which showcased rose gold with yellow and white gold was launched in 1924. Throughout history rose gold has made notable appearances with prominent jewellers, including but not limited to Cartier, Harry Winston, Neil Lane, and Tiffany and Co. The hint of pink in rose gold illuminates the blush tones on all skin types making rose gold jewelry ideal for any woman. The warmth of rose gold looks elegant alongside the brilliance of diamonds. A rose gold engagement ring is a viable option for any woman who wants to personalize her ring to add a unique touch.