How To Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

Some women want a big diamond and some; simply do not care for a big diamond. Whether you’re shopping for rings or you’ve already have one on your finger, here are a few solid tricks for making an engagement look bigger than it actually is. A sizeable diamond isn’t the only way to make your ring look

While there’s nothing like a huge diamond to catch a stranger’s eye, it’s the stone cut that really catches the light and makes a rock look bigger. A very-good cut to excellent cut diamond with the correct angles and facets will not only be beautiful and brilliant, but makes the diamond look larger. It is important to work closely with a diamond broker you trust to find a stone that is cut to maximize its size.

Choose an engagement ring setting with slender prongs. Diamonds set in slender prongs will always looks bigger versus diamonds set in larger prongs. Thinner prongs are great but be sure that your center diamond is secure.

The most popular way to make your center diamond look bigger is putting a halo around it. At a distance, the halo will be unnoticeable from the main attraction. You can get your halo made to fit flush with tour diamond or an expanded halo, which is slightly set apart from the middle stone, giving a bigger look to your engagement ring.

You also can opt for side stones on the band of the engagement ring. Depending on how big you go with your accent stones, it can make your ring look bigger and better.