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Engagement Rings

Diamond Deals offers you the opportunity to browse our exclusive selection of one-of-a-kind engagement rings. Our selection can help guide you towards the inspiration you need to choose the perfect ring, and to create an experience neither you nor your loved one will ever forget.

Purchasing an engagement ring signifies a meaningful step in your life, and we are honored to offer our diamond expertise within a stage of your life that will be paving the way for new beginnings and new adventures.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your loved one is just one way you can express the full extent of your love and admiration for the person you are looking forward to spending the rest of your life with.

To prove that we are jewellers who provide our services and our exquisite jewellery from the heart, Diamond Deals strives to provide our stunning engagement jewellery at costs that are affordable to you. Our company is built upon our founder’s determination to be able to offer couples a beautiful selection of diamond rings that are easy for you to order and are available at prices suitable for a variety of budgets.

Let the exclusive selection of diamond rings from Diamond Deals be your muse as you search for your ideal engagement ring today.

Our Stunning Selection

At Diamond Deals, we offer a stunning selection of engagement rings, including those from our modern, antique, and classic collections. Our variety of high-quality, one-of-a-kind rings gives you the chance to find the exact type of ring you are looking for at a price affordable to you.

As an online jewellery store dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, we carry a number of engagement bands for both men and women. Our exquisite rings are set with quality diamonds guaranteed to elicit gasps of surprise and adoration, and styled eloquently into customizable bands.

If you already have pictured in your head the style of ring you wish to purchase, Diamond Deals makes the process of ordering your ideal ring easy without undue worry or fuss. With our custom ring options, you can simply choose the stone you wish to be featured within your ring, choose the style, and lastly customize the ring to perfectly fit the finger of your beloved.

Of our most popular varieties of engagement rings princess cut styles are certainly a favorite for their timeless elegance. Additional styles of our wholesale diamond jewellery pieces include round cut and cushion cut varieties as well.

Our engagement ring styles include those that fit both modern and vintage aesthetics, allowing you the opportunity to select a style that you know your partner will love.

Fresh or timeless, all of our ring styles radiate elegance and a beauty that will forever be remembered with adoration as an essential piece of jewellery freezing the moment you choose to wholeheartedly offer to share the best moments of your life with another.

Contact Diamond Deals today to purchase the ideal engagement ring for the love of your life. For additional assistance, please take advantage of our free consultation offer by booking your FREE design consult today at 604-408-9008.