Difference between Moissanite and Diamond

Moissanite, an emergent gem-stone becoming popular among people, as it resembles a lot with Diamonds. Did you know Moissanite is a rare gem-stone discovered in a meteor? That means Moissanite has come from space. Hence, it is the rarest gem-stone one can ever find with such beauty and durability. People are accepting Moissanite and are buying rings studded with it rather than a diamond-studded ring. Moissanite are not identifiable from a layman’s eyes, as there is a slight difference in their appearance. They are cheaper than diamonds and are affordable.

 Let’s find out what makes Moissanite popular and why are they compared with diamonds.

Before going into detail, let’s see the difference in their appearance. 

Brilliance – Moissanite shines brighter and is more brilliant than a diamond. It sparkles more because its refractive index is more than a diamond. The refractive index of a diamond is 2.42 while of Moissanite is 2.65. If you see a diamond and Moissanite, you will figure out Moissanite shines a little more than a diamond. 

Colour – Moissanite gives out more colours and looks like a disco ball rather than a diamond giving out the only white sparkle. This colour difference is prevalent in larger stones. If you see a smaller stone of each of them, they appear similar and have a slight difference between them. Moissanite does not possess an icy colour or colourless diamond. 

Durability – The standard unit for measuring durability and hardness of any mineral is measured in a MoH scale of 1-10(1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest). As we already well-known with the fact that diamonds are the hardest and have a score of 10 on the MoH scale. Diamonds come with durability and a promise of being there for you forever. So, are the Moissanite. Moissanite scores between the 9-10 on the MoH scale. Hence, Moissanite is near to diamond in terms of the MoH scale. They are also durable but should be worn with a little care. They are also a good choice in terms of jewellery. 

Price –. Comparing these two gems in terms of price, you can find out Moissanite are much cheaper than diamond. You can check out any jewellery shop or jewellery websites online, and the price difference is prevalent. However, everyone should know that Moissanite differs from diamond; they only resemble diamonds. There is mass production of Moissanite in a lab; Therefore, they are not as hefty in price as diamonds are. Though Moissanite is not as cheap as fake gems or fake jewellery. It has different properties and performs differently.  

So, this was about the key differences between Moissanite and Diamond. Both are unique in their way. You can choose any of the gems for your jewellery because both make you shine brighter.