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Diamonddeals Story

Our story begins with our Founder, who like you, was shopping to pick out her engagement ring. At the time she worked for a company who sold mining software to DeBeers. What she thought should be an exciting experience soon turned out to be a frustrating one. She was disappointed with the selection of designs, quality of diamonds at a price point her and her soon to be husband could afford. She knew exactly what she wanted but she simply couldn’t find it locally.

So she used her international contacts with DeBeers and other cutters and began to sell loose diamonds to retailers.

That’s when she saw the need for customers who also wanted couture style designs available at a fraction of the cost. She started, The Diamond Deals Company, and got exactly what she wanted.

Word of mouth grew dramatically in the first few years. Instead of selling solely to retailers, in 2004 Diamond Deals Jewellery also started selling loose diamonds to the public at a fraction of the cost.

Now we pride ourselves on creating a custom piece of jewellery that can be enjoyed for generations to come.