Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushions cut diamonds are recognizable by its rectangular or square shape, with their gently rounded corners.  The curved silhouette resembles a pillow hence the reason for the name “cushion cut.”

The demand for cushion cut diamonds continues to grow. Each cushion cut diamond is truly unique because each diamond is distinctive in its shape and faceting. Maximize the beauty of the center diamonds by custom designing an irreplaceable cushion cut diamond engagement ring from Diamond Deals. Our hand-crafted engagement rings are perfectly engineered.

If you are looking to buy a cushion cut diamond engagement, it is important to determine what overall style you’re going for and determine the shape of the stone. Do you prefer to have a square cushion or rectangular cushion?

When choosing a cushion stone, keep the engagement ring setting in mind – whether you want your diamond to sit on a simple band which allows your cushion cut diamond to be the focal point of the engagement ring. If you like the idea of a simple setting but do not want a solitaire setting, we suggest a beautiful pave diamond band. Your cushion cut diamond still being the central focus however, with a little more glamour added to your engagement ring band. Or, incorporate vintage details in the setting giving the ring more character. To custom design your engagement ring setting to look more vintage, you can add a halo around the center stone with delicate mil grain and an option to set it in 18 k rose gold. A cushion cut diamond is quite diverse because you can achieve an antique vintage look, or more of a modern clean look.

Diamond Deals has hundreds of designer engagement rings, in every shape style, for you to find the perfect ring for you. We have many engagements ring settings for you to try on. Our ring designer will work closely with you to create a piece that truly is only yours. The smallest details can make a world of a difference. By custom designing your engagement ring, you can design it so no other girl is wearing the same engagement ring – which is every girl’s dream!