Caring for your diamond ring

Do you always wonder why your engagement rings and wedding bands look so dirty?

It is a simple answer. Diamonds are natural grease attractors.  A fun fact, in order to separate the diamonds from stones and dirt, the mined material is passed over a grease belt. This causes the diamonds to stick to the grease while the stones and dirt are washed away. Thus, diamonds can become covered with grease when they are dipped in dishwater, or when they come in contact with lotion and natural skin oils.

A few tricks on cleaning your diamond rings:

  • Soak and wash your engagement ring in warm water with mild liquid detergent. Then, dry it with a soft, lint free cloth.
  • If the dirt cannot be washed away, trying using a toothpick or unwaxed dental floss to get into the all crevasses. You may also use a soft bristle toothbrush. Be careful with the toothbrush as it can scratch gold mountings.
  • You should be getting your engagement rings or wedding bands professionally cleaned from your jewelers. This will get rid of the encrusted dirt. Most jewelers will use an ultrasonic cleaning machine. This machine will shake dirt loose with a vibrating detergent.

A ring worn daily deserves a clean every other week at least! It is important to take care and protect your precious jewelry.

Further, please consult with your jeweler before trying any of these cleaning methods. Cleaning methods may differ depending on your center stone and engagement ring setting.