What to do if I can’t get my ring off of my finger?

It may sound silly but we all have had that experience when we are trying on a ring and it gets stuck, or perhaps you’ve had your ring on for so long that it just isn’t sliding off the way it used to. Tugging at the ring will hurt you and cause irritation. It may result in swelling, which will only make it harder to take the ring off. Here are some tips to help remove the ring in the least painful way possible:

1) Your finger may be swollen – this happens in the morning sometimes when you first wake up, and most often during the summer when your body is quite warm. First try to treat the swelling by elevating your hand and wrapping ice into a towel to apply to the swollen area.
2) The other option to treat swelling is putting your hand into cold water for a few minutes to lower your body temperature. The water should not be ice cold because that would be painful.
3) You may just need to apply a creamy-like substance to alleviate the pain and to help remove the ring more smoothly. Vaseline, baby oil, hair conditioner, hand sanitizer, or any hand lotion should do the trick. Apply the substance over your finger and gently twist and turn your ring towards the tip of your ringer. If you use this method, be sure to give your ring a careful clean after to remove any grease from the cream.
4) You could use a gentle soap with warm water but you’ll need to be careful that your ring doesn’t fall into the drain.
5) Another option is to take dental floss and tuck it into your ring and wrap it up to your knuckle. Be careful not to wind the floss too tight, otherwise your finger may become more irritated. Unwind the dental floss starting from the bottom and moving up. Ideally your ring should move up with the attached dental floss.