A Jewelry Staple

Mothers day is right around corner, what do you get her?

Every girl needs a pair or two of classic diamond studs. Diamond stud earrings have been forever a jewelry staple and they are not going anywhere any time soon.

At Diamond Deals, we have a wide array of diamond stud earrings in every price. Each pair is expertly matched for size and quality. We can set the beautiful diamonds in white, yellow or rose gold.

Most of our clients at Diamond Deals prefer the round brilliant cut shape for its amazing brilliance. However, you are not limited to a round shape, we have whichever shape your heart desires.

Another popular diamond stud is the halo stud. You have two different options, you can buy a pair if studs with a halo surrounding the center stone. Also, you can buy a pair of round brilliant studs and buy a jacket to fit perfect with your diamond. You can either wear the studs alone or wear the jacket with the studs creating the halo look.

If, you are looking to save some money and still want a big look for the studs. Cluster studs are a great way to go. They look like a solid diamond from a distance and make for a beautiful earring.